Great Staff &
Good Working Conditions

Our season comes in flushes of fruit that heaviest in October and November, and carry through with a new set of fruit in January/February and if the season is kind, April/May. 

We need pickers and packers who aren’t afraid of working the hours needed to get our fruit picked, packed and shipped to the markets over a few intense weeks. 

Please read first…

Things to think about before applying…2nd Year Sam's Block


So we’re not going to ask you to do anything we’ve not done ourselves. And we’re old farts so it’s not going to be that hard.  You’ll be tired for the first few days, but it gets better – that’s what we’ve been told and in the past, we had people start in October and finish in May.  They loved it because they were part of an incredible food growing journey. It’s amazing it really is and we have a lot of laughs, good music and work hard on making even the shy ones feel comfortable because a happy work place is important or people don’t want to come back!

We will have 18 picking trolleys we’d LOVE to have filled when peak picking time happens. 

We have safe packing facilities available for up to 9 people.We’d LOVE to have them filled when the crazy fruit time starts to help move our fruit at it’s peak time. 

It’s often only hair raising crazy for a few weeks at a time when a particular field hit’s is ‘optimal peak’ and that’s often in the hottest time of the year. Would you like to be part of that chaos and see just how much a regenerative farm can produce when plants are cared for and nutrition is on point?

We’re really looking for people who want to be involved rather than just a number, but you will get a number, to pop into the picking trays, so we can monitor yields and performance and comply with our ‘certified organic’ management plan. 

In the peak of summer, we start picking our fruit as early as 5.30 am. We follow the sun.

When the sun is up early, so are we, picking at first light to keep you and our ripe fruit out of that stinking hot sun. But we finish early on those days too because it’s just too hot.

We are generally slaves to the fruit that simply have no respect for our comfort or yours!  🙂  But the upshot of that is when you pick them at their peak, they are so delicious.


Let’s get started..

Who you are and we’re you’re coming from.

Ideal work times.

Because it’s important for us to have continuity of staff turning up to make sure our fruit gets picked and nothing goes to waste, we need a lot of people at any given time, but we understand that you might have preferred times, or family commitments. Maybe you’re a mother with school age children, or working a job elsewhere and want to earn those extra dollars, or even a young person relying on mum or dad to be able to drop you off.  

It’s ok, we’re willing to to reward your initiative with times that work for both you and us.  We are focusing on reliability, whether it’s 4 hours a day or 3 days a week.  If you can help us, and you’re exceptional, we’ll work something out.

Positions Available

In every job, there are some things that aren’t our favourite thing to do, so we have worked hard to try and make our place of work safe and varied.  We’re all unique in our skill sets, and what we enjoy doing. Did you know we have people who just love being out in our fields because the view is beautiful? All they want to do is pick fruit and be outside.  

Some people find they are better suited for picking.  Nimble, quick and able to make a decision on what is a first class strawberry, what is a second and what is for processing.  (If you’re a perfectionista, please remember we need speed as well because our labour cost is high)

If you’re one of those who love variety and can be a good all rounder, we may be able to offer you more than just picking. There is quite a variety of work, but  For those who go stir crazy doing the same thing, if you’re a good all rounder, we’ve got different work on the farm.    Being organic means we do a lot of our weed management by hand.   We mow by hand and at certain times, we need to cut runners off our plants (strawberries grow runners like mad after their first set of fruit), and we have our greenhouse where our blueberries are, and our seedlings are as well.    

Mowing is an IMPORTANT part of our work on our farm.

Now a bit about you…

Now you can share your story and how you think you’d be a great fit to work with us. We expect we’ll have around 100 people working at some capacity on our farm this season.

  • Some people will work for a few days and think it’s too hard. (Pity, because it gets easier)
  • Some people won’t pick fast enough so we can’t afford to keep them.
  • Some people will pick without looking at the fruit and we end up throwing away so much we can’t afford to keep those either.
  • But, some people, like the many amazing people we’ve met over the last few years stay with us for as long as they can, coming back to the next season and enjoy the work, the changes of the seasons, and the impact they make in the important role of providing food to the community.

Which one will you be?

Do you have any aspirations around growing food you’d like to share with us?
Please tell us a little about you so we can give you a great work environment.