Today was a great day – it didn’t start off too early because I’d had a rather troubled night sleeping well with a cough and tossing and turning, so to sleep was a blessing for me. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve felt somewhat anxious, but the last several months has been something new going on virtually every day and as I look through my photos and videos, I can see how much we’ve progressed, although at times I’ve felt like we’ve not done much.

Next year will like a breeze for us we’re thinking, or perhaps we’re just being overly optimistic – I don’t know but that’s a better way to be in life.

So today we’ve done a little more work on the greenhouse. We had 13mm of rain on Thursday night so it provided to be a little wet today as we decided to do prepare the footings. Fortunately were able to get it all set out so we can look at pouring the footings very soon.

It was a beautiful afternoon and I was quite surprised to see such a lovely sunset on a winters day.

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