Surviving the Carnage

Farming is a hard gig, whether you’re an organic or no chemical use farmer. Rain at the wrong time really makes a mess of your crop. Because we’re certified organic and we simply will not use poisons on our farm, we need to look for other ways to combat damage whether it’s from bugs or […]

Organic in Conversion Season

Hello to all the wonderful people and friends I’ve met along the way in my journey of becoming an organic berry farmer. It could be easy to think that the works starts now with the furious growing of new life, but winter is where the action has been and the spring time is when the […]

The Ever Changing Vista

We are organic in conversion and this is our first commercial season selling fruit to wholesale markets. It’s also the first time I’ve really dedicated my time to have more of an online presence to share my journey, but more than that, share the information I’ve learnt along the way about food, society and health. […]

What happened today

Today was a great day – it didn’t start off too early because I’d had a rather troubled night sleeping well with a cough and tossing and turning, so to sleep was a blessing for me. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve felt somewhat anxious, but the last several months has been something new […]