Growing delicious
food that is good for you!

Our little story.

There are so many romantic stories people put together to share why they do something.

Maybe ours is one, but in reality, we’ve always lived life a little on the edge.  Sometimes it’s been downright uncomfortable as we work our way through a moment of craziness, but farming has truly been the most difficult, eventful, eye opening, slap in the face living we’ve done.

We started with a blank canvas, no power, no infrastructure, no water, no irrigation, no experience, out of a primary horticultural area, growing the most perishable fruit, with no knowledge of how to when we started, and let’s just throw being certified organic into the mix to make life that little bit more of a challenge.

Seven years on, we grow absolutely stellar strawberries, using regenerative practices. Our strawberries have the most amazing flavour and exceptional yields.  We are better people for becoming farmers.

Growing Healthy Food

Old fashioned organic farming, growing great tasting produce, using modern methods to conserve and sustain.

Whether it’s learning about nutrition, soil profiles, weather impact, product interest, managing weeds, you name it, if there is something to learn, we’re taking it in our stride and have learnt over the last few years, the more you know, the more you don’t.

Farming puts you on a continuous learning path.