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Learn about the people who grow delicious certified organic (in conversion) fruit for you

What we do

Old fashioned organic farming, growing great tasting produce, using modern methods to conserve and sustain.

Prio to December 2015, we got comfortable in life. Too comfortable and have always loved a challenge.

 While everyone’s circumstances are different, our love of life, our relationship over the last 30 plus years, has finally come into one common thought – we’re not getting younger, you only live once and you can’t half commit.. it’s all or nothing, and there is no Plan B so we need to make this work.

 Our farm is called Bimbimbi, indigenous for ‘place of many birds’, a discovery of so manywhich we’ve really come to enjoy having around our property and we foster an environment to encourage them to stay a little longer.

Will we succeed?

We’re a couple who decided that living in the city, dealing with the traffic, spending our weekends looking and driving around the country to be part of the rural environment, finally saw us bite the bullet, sell our home, and with our three cats, move to the country to embark on a discussion we’ve had for years… farming … can we? Will we be successful? Is it hard? What makes us so different we think we can make a go of it?? I don’t know and don’t have all the answers to these questions, but I heard a saying not that long ago which was almost the pivotal point in the decision.. You don’t want to die wondering.. so here we are.

Our Mission

To grow clean fruit, organic, and bio dynamic methods where possible, free of chemicals, using ethical and forward thinking growing methods which cover how we manage the farm, soil and water.

To those who work with us, provide you with a great place to be  even when things are hot, busy and hectic. (And there are many days like that)  We want you to feel valued and that your contribution and care to detail make a difference.

To our customers we want you to look forward to seeing our fruit at the markets, or in stores, or home delivered, knowing we’ve done our best to grow it as close to natural as can be, and picking as close to it’s peak as can be and when you eat one of our berries you’re thinking.. Delicious.. Yum.

To those who we cross paths with, we’re passionate, outspoken and sometimes will challenge your view on the world as we discover new things every day since taking on this journey.

Our Practices

We’re new, we’re hands on, we’re prepared for the challenges that farming presents in all forms, whether it’s learning about nutrition, soil profiles, weather impact, product interest, managing weeds, you name it, if there is something to learn, we’re taking it in our stride.

Sweet Strawberries

We’re not sure about the exact secret of growing incredibly sweet, aromatic, firm, red strawberries.

But we think it’s got something to do with looking after the soil, staying small and picking when ripe… that’s what we’re doing.

An eye for detail

We’ve found that nothing happens by chance. 

We are farmers learning as we grow and an eye for detail has helped us discover and learn quickly, as well as recover from the mistakes you make when simply haven’t learnt it yet.

A long term vision

We are hands on farmers, learning through trial and error, through reading, researching and being prepared to give things a go.

We really believe the soil and soil nutrition is the answer, and so far, it’s looking pretty positive.

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