Organic Berries

Our fruit is grown using regenerative farming practices, using nutrition as means of growing produce that is healthy, insect and disease resistant and rich in colour and aroma.  

Simply put,
clean, delicious fruit.

Why Certified Organic?

We started our farming journey with our first crop in December 2016. and in August 2019, we achieved our fully Certified Organic status after meeting their high standards of growing and record keeping for three years.

It gives you confidence in how we grow our produce. 

When you, the consumer, chooses to buy clean, healthy food, you can buy with confidence from someone who has invested in the certified organic journey. 

Berries are notorious for having a lot of chemicals and poisons used when growing.  It takes diligence and observation and care to do this without poisons.

It’s not always easy, but if it was, everyone would be doing it.


Being certified organic isn’t for us, the farmer, it’s for YOU! 


Delicious Clean Fruit

There is nothing more appealing than buying our fruit knowing that has been grown ethically, with care and every mouthful you eat does not have the 60 or so poisons used in the growing of berry fruit.